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Tutorial Vulnerability in iPhone that breaks the system instantly

Hacking Father 8

Hacking Father


If the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network named "%p%s%s%s%s%n" then it will RiP.

The bug can only be fixed by completely resetting the network settings.

This can be done in the Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset network settings menu.

There is another way:
The problem this time arises if you connect to the network named "%secretclub%power". And the difficulty of this method is that it cannot be eliminated by resetting the network settings and restarting the phone.

Thus, the user loses the ability to fully use the device, and in particular, the wireless Internet.

Only a full reset of the device to factory settings can solve the problem. Therefore, we recommend, in principle, not to connect to Wi-Fi, where the name contains the "%" symbol.

I received the info quite recently but did not test it. If there are those who want to check, go for it, I do not forcibly hold you!
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