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Guides [Tinder Method With Proof] 685$ In 6 Days

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Hello bros,

Now I will expose 2 Tinder methods that I was working with 2 months ago...

The first thing u need is u have to find a dating CPL affiliate program to get approved. Do a little research around the internet and see where are the best dating offers for u...
Don't ever say that u did not have worked with other affiliate networks before because you ll get rejected immediately. Once u have applied for aff network, don't panic, wait 2 - 5 days to see if the manager will contact u or not. If u don't see anything for 5 days, it's most likely that u were rejected...

Once u get approved, buy a short, simple, attention-grabbing domain name and host ( https:**//**namecheap**.**com , it's cheap here).
You need a dating template for your website, if you cannot find some, contact me I ll send u... Your aff link connect on the button so from ur website they go to the dating offer and register.
From every register u get money... So simple... u can use google analytics to follow ur visitors on the website

Template example ->
Method 1 requirements:
- Surfshark VPN ( https:**//**surfshark**.**com , or do a little research and I'm sure u ll find some accounts )
- UK O2 SIM cards ( u can buy them in bulk on eBay )
- Unlocked Mobile Phone

*This method works in every country and going live when entering the account

Method 2 requirements:
- 911 US Proxy ( https:**//**911**.**re )
- Google Voice Numbers ( 2$/num in bulk )

*This method works only in the US and going live 3 hours after entering the account

Use these steps for both methods:
1) Clear your cookies on your browser on every new account...
2) Connect to UK IP ( surfshark ) or US proxy ( 911 )
3) Go to https:**//google**.**com , Right-click -> Inspect -> Customize and control DevTools ( three dots ) -> More tools -> Sensors
4) Set Location to Other... and set the latitude and longitude inputs for the town you want to show in ( https:**//**latlong**.**net ) and set Orientation to Custom orientation ( this changes your geolocation )
5) Directly from that tab go to https:**//**tinder**.**com
6) Log into Tinder with a female account using UK O2 num or GV num
7) Once u got into the account u have to wait for likes ( how fast u get ur likes depends on how real ur profile looks and location )
8) Once u got 40 - 50 likes, type ur domain in the company or gender input or on prompt ( example: d0main, c0m , use ur imagination, use different languages... never use domain.com because u ll get ur account banned immediately )
9) Once u typed ur domain, switch to location radius to 2km (minimum), and check if the user is above 2km swiper YES, if it's not above swiper NO...
10) On 30 - 50 matches ur account ll get banned... just make sure u have leads generated :)

Proof ->
Contact me if need any help!
Good luck! :)
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