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Tutorial How To Hack Someone Hotspot MITM


Hacking doge


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Step 1: download zanti 2.2 on your device open the application, then grant the root access

Step 2: you have to go through some formalities and checksum, I hope you are not a noob and can easily do that

~ change mac address
~ create a hacking wifi hotspot
~ Hijack HTTP session
~ capture downloads
~ modify HTTP requests and responses
~ Exploit routers
~ audit passwords
~ check a devices for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability


Step 1: Swipe from the left you will see a screen as shown here: https://ibb.co/hLjf3F9

Step 2: Tap on "MAC changer". Tap on "Set Set new MAC address" wait for a few seconds you will get a new MAC address

if you want to use a custom MAC address turn off "Generate Random" and then type the MAC address you want. then tap on "Set New MAC address

Step 1: tap on "zTether" you will see a screen as shown here: https://ibb.co/r6LbxMG

Step 2: turn on "Tethercontrol" once you got at least one user on your network, you can start playing.

Step 3: Hacking logins
if you got a user in your network Tap on the first "View" to see all the HTTP requests made by users. it may contian passwords and other sensitive information. Grap it

Step 4: Hacking session

if you want to hijack an HTTP session, just tap on the session
it will open up the victims session on your devices

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