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Tutorial Free azure rdp

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1. Go to cloud academy website and register for a free trial with bin : 5491844

2.It will ask some questions and put answer as follows:

What are you trying to achieve : Get Certified
What best describes your role ; Developer
Which topics are you interested in learning about : Azure,Aws,GoogleCloud

3. Then after registering verify your email.

4. Then in cloudacademy dashboard search "Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Consolel" and on the side menu choose "Hands On Lab" choose courser u can choose any course that includes azure work environment.

5. Then click on Start Lab.

6. Then it will show u username and password

7. Use them to login on portal.azure or aws

8. Yay u got an azure subscription or aws

9. I dont know its validty but i think it will work for 7 days. U can make unlimited accs
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