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Tutorial DroidJack Cracked Download Latest Version Android RAT - Hacking Exploit




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About Droid Jack Android RAT

What Is DroidJack RAT?​

It is the best android remote administration tool to monitor your android devices. You can hack anyone android device with droidjack apk worldwide.

It allows you to fully control your hacked android devices remotely and monitor your victim activities through is a webcam.

Download DroidJack Cracked Latest Here:

You can make a custom payload app from this android rat and share that payload apk with your friends.

When your friends will download and install your payload droidjack apk then your payload will start running is their phones and they will get hacked.

It is powerful android trojan horse software with many amazing features. It allows you to hack the victim's device with one click all over the internet worldwide.

Make sure your victim's device's internet must be on then the connection will be made otherwise not work. It is a paid android hacking tool that costs $210 for its license for 1 pc but I provided droidjack cracked download link free of cost below.

It is a closed source android rat nowadays. You can easily get their source code on hacking forums. You can control up to multiple hacked android devices at a single time with droidjack v5 rat.


There are so many features in droidjack cracked software and some of them are as following below.

  • Easy to use
  • File voyager
  • SMS tracker
  • Call manager
  • Contacts browser
  • Browser history
  • App manager
  • Gps locator
  • Remote ear
  • Remote eyes
  • Country
  • IP view
  • Mac view
  • Open browser link
  • Message toaster
  • Phone info
  • Settings
  • Reset dj server
  • Reception
  • Phone number
  • Model number
  • Manufacturer
  • ID
  • Theme
  • Binder
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Stable
  • Fast speed
  • Fully encrypted
  • In-built apk tool
  • Whatsapp reader
  • Many more etc...
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