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Tutorial Cracked AndroRAT Download Latest Version With APK Binder




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About AndroRAT Cracked - Best RAT Software​

What Is The Work Of AndroRAT?​

It is the best mobile hacking software for android devices. It is developed in the Java language. You need to install java on your windows to run this best rat software.

By using androrat cracked you can hack anyone's mobile from worldwide and get all information from his mobile remotely.

AndroRAT Download Cracked Here:

This program is specially made for low versions of android devices and It will not work best in the latest versions of android devices.

It provides you a graphical user interface to control your hacked victim device remotely that making it so awesome more than command-line hacking.

You can monitor your victim screen, view the live front and back camera of your victim, spy on your victim every time.

It also has a feature that allows you to hide your apk virus after installation that works in the background of your victim's device.

You will see a keylogger feature in andro rat that helps you to capture the keystrokes of your victim's device. For example, If your victim will open the Facebook app and enter his login details then the keylogger feature records their login details in it.

When you will run the keylogger feature again on your victim's device then It will show your victim's Facebook login details.

By keylogger feature, you will also capture any kind of details like personal messages, bank login details, social media apps login details, and many more.


  • GUI
  • Easy to use
  • Vibrate
  • Keylogger
  • SMS stealer
  • Get contacts list
  • Call logs
  • Browser history
  • Hack android remotely
  • Androrat binder
  • Hidden
  • Check victim's device full information
  • Gps locator
  • Dial any number silently
  • Open url in the browser
  • Take photos and videos with front and back cameras silently
  • View front and back camera in real-time
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Microphone
  • Live chat with the victim
  • Checklist of all installed app
  • Uninstall any app remotely
  • Many more.
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