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Inspired by the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" and the prevalence of "Reactions" as an alternative to single-dimensional Likes​


In today's digital age, online communities and forums play a vital role in connecting people with similar interests. One essential aspect of these platforms is user engagement, which helps foster meaningful discussions and interactions. Traditionally, users have expressed their appreciation for a post or comment through a simple "Like" button. However, the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" introduces a new dimension to user engagement by providing a variety of reactions beyond the traditional Like. These reactions, or post ratings, offer a more nuanced and expressive way for users to interact with content. This article delves into the functionalities and benefits of the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" and explores the increasing prevalence of reactions as an alternative to single-dimensional Likes.

Post Installing​

After installing the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings," the configuration process is required to fully utilize its features. By default, only the "Like" reaction is added upon installation. To enhance the range of reactions, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Go to Tools => Import Data => Import from XF1 Post Ratings.
  2. Navigate to Content => Content Rating => Rating Types => Add Default Rating Types.
  3. This action adds a set of "Facebook Style" ratings, including:
    • Like ()
    • Love (❤️)
    • Haha ()
    • Wow ()
    • Sad ()
    • Angry ()
  4. To further customize the rating types, you can access Content => Content Rating => Rating Types => Add New Rating Type.

Installing/Uninstalling on a Large Forum​

For large forums, it is highly recommended to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) installer/uninstaller to streamline the installation process. The CLI provides a more efficient and effective way to install or uninstall the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" on a large scale.


The XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" offers a wide range of features designed to enhance user engagement and interaction. Let's explore these features in detail:

XF1 "Post Ratings" Importer​

The add-on includes an importer specifically designed for XF1 Post Ratings. This importer facilitates the seamless transition of post ratings from XF1 to the XF2 platform, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Whitelist/Blacklist Ratings by User Group​

Administrators have the option to control which user groups can access and utilize specific rating types. This functionality helps maintain the integrity of ratings and ensures that only authorized users can engage with certain reactions.

Lock to Starting Poster and Limit to Forums (for Threads)​

To provide more control over rating capabilities, administrators can limit certain rating types to the original poster of a thread or restrict them to specific forums. This feature ensures that ratings reflect the sentiments of the intended audience and prevents misuse.

Content Ratings/Reactions on Posts and Conversations​

The XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" expands beyond post ratings and includes reactions for conversations as well. This feature enables users to express their thoughts and emotions not only on individual posts but also within ongoing conversations, fostering a more dynamic and engaging environment.

Integration with Alerts and News Feed​

To keep users informed and engaged, the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" seamlessly integrates with alerts and the news feed. Whenever a post receives a rating or reaction, users can receive notifications, promoting real-time interaction and discussions.

Support for Flexible Image Icon Selection​

The add-on supports various options for selecting image icons for rating types. Users can choose from a range of options, including emojis, sprite images, regular images with high-definition alternatives, CSS fonts, and templates for inline SVGs. This flexibility allows users to personalize their ratings and tailor them to the desired visual aesthetic.

Usable and Visible Rating Types​

Each rating type in the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" can be configured to have different visibility and usability settings. The available options are:

  • Visible & Usable: Everyone can see and use the rating type.
  • Not Visible & Usable: Only the person giving the rating can see their own rating, allowing for a more private rating experience.
  • Visible & Not Usable: Everyone can see the rating but may not use it.
  • Not Visible & Not Usable: No one can see or use the rating type.
This flexibility enables administrators to fine-tune the rating system based on their community's specific needs.

Supported Content Types​

The XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" supports a wide range of content types, ensuring that reactions can be used in various contexts. The supported content types include:

  • Posts
  • Conversation Messages
  • Profile Posts
  • Profile Post Comments
This extensive support allows for a consistent and comprehensive rating experience across different areas of the forum.

Rating Categories​

To further categorize and organize reactions, the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" provides rating categories. Administrators can define positive, negative, or neutral categories, which can then be displayed on profiles, member bits, post bits, and other relevant areas. These categories help users gauge the overall sentiment and provide a more meaningful representation of user reactions.

Statistics Integration​

The XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" integrates with the forum's statistical reporting system, enabling administrators to analyze and monitor rating trends. The statistics provide valuable insights into user preferences, popular topics, and the overall sentiment within the community.

User Criteria Integration​

To enhance the customization and control over rating types, the add-on seamlessly integrates with user criteria. Administrators can define specific user criteria based on factors such as post count, registration date, or user group membership. This integration allows for targeted rating options and ensures that certain reactions are available only to eligible users.

Selectable "Default Rating" and Menu Icon​

Administrators can select a default rating type to be displayed as the menu icon for users. The default rating can be set to a specific type, randomized, or disabled entirely. This feature provides a consistent visual representation of ratings and ensures a user-friendly experience.

Customizable Look and Feel​

The XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" offers a wide array of style properties that can be customized to match the forum's overall theme and branding. These properties include horizontal rating selection, touch support, and many other options. Administrators can tailor the rating system's appearance to align with the forum's aesthetics and user experience preferences.

Display of Highest Ratings on Thread Rating List​

The add-on provides an option to display the highest-rated posts on the thread rating list. While this feature is disabled by default, administrators can enable it and further customize its style properties. The display of highest ratings adds a layer of recognition to valuable contributions and encourages high-quality content creation within the community.

Rating Categories Automatic Actions​

To streamline moderation processes, the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings" offers automatic actions when a rating category reaches a certain threshold. These actions can include reporting content, moderating content, or even soft-deleting content. This automation assists administrators in maintaining a healthy and well-moderated forum environment.

Arbitrary Number of Rating Type/Category User Criteria​

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